General data​

50 meters

height of attraction

20 people

capacity of the attraction

18 m

installation site diameter

5 months

production time


swing angle

14 days

turnkey installation

Technical data

Swing Tower-50

Regulatory documents: GOST R 52170, GOST R 53130

General overall dimensions

Lifting height: 50 m

Installation site diameter: 7×18 m

Installation method: foundationless

Total weight: 70 tons


Total number of passengers: 20 people

Swing time: 150 sec

Performance: 400 people per hour

Electrical equipment

Installed capacity of electric drives: 15 kW + 12 kW

Installed illumination capacity up to: 8 kW

Electricity network: 380V/3F/50Hz

Input power: 35 kW

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature: from -2 to +45°С

Operation wind speed (max): 15 m/s

Installation and delivery

Number of Euro trucks (length 13.6 m): 7 pcs

Installation and debugging time: 14 days

Certificate of conformity: TR EAEU 038/2016