A Ferris wheel with a height of 55 meters installed on the territory of the Vegas shopping mall with 24 comfortable cabins in a picturesque place of the Krasnogorsk district.

Technical data


A 55-meter-high, foundation-free Ferris wheel

Regulatory documents

GOST R 52170, GOST R 53130

Main Features

Overall height from the zero point of the supports: 55.140 m
Diameter of the movable part at the cab suspension nodes: 52.15 m
The size of the installation site is overall: 28×30.6 mxm
Installation method: unobtrusive
Cabin type: closed, glazed, with heating and air conditioning
Number of cabins: 24 pcs.
Number of passengers in the cabin: 6 people.
Total number of passengers on the wheel: 144 people.
Time of one revolution (optimal): 12 min.
Maximum theoretical productivity: up to 1440 people/hour
Cab movement speed: 0.1-0.4 m/sec
Type of wire mechanism: friction
Number of drives: 8 pcs.
Drive characteristics: SEW EURODRIVE gear motor

Electrical equipment

Installed power of electric wheel rotation drives: 8×2.2 = 17.6 kW
Installed capacity of heaters in cabins: 24×2 = 48 kW
Installed illumination power up to: 15 kW
Power supply network: 380V/3F/50Hz

Operating conditions

The standard wind pressure at the place of operation is up to: 48 kgf/sq.m
Ambient air temperature during operation: -20° to +45°C
Maximum wind speed during operation: 15 m/s
Number of eurofours L=13.6 m for transporting wheel parts: 25 pcs.
Installation and debugging time: 30-50 days.

General data

55 meters

ferris wheel height

15 kW

illumination power

28 x 30 m

site size​

8 pcs

number of drives

up to 1440 people/hour

theoretical hourly capacity

17,6 kW

drive power